• HD aliplast tongue on anterior opening.

  • 20% lighter than a standard LDPE orthotic of comparable thickness.

  • Relief windows can be positioned anywhere on the frame.

  • Windows are not completely open but have aliplast brdging which prevents window edema.

  • Softer, more forgiving than the standard, rigid orthotic. Will contour to patient.

  • Distal and proximal edges consist of foam only (1” - 2”). Foam will contour and flare.

  • Frame can be easily removed for trimming.

  • Available in LSO or TLSO configurations.

Material Options

  • Plastics: LDPE, Co-Poly, Poly outer fram

  • Inner Liner: 1/4” 4E Aliplast inner liner

  • Outer Frame: 1/8” (LDPE, MDPE, Co-Poly)

  • Outer Liner: 1/8 10E Firm Aliplast outer liner

  • Plastic chafes with or without metal loops

  • Plastic or metal rivets


  • Breasts included on female high profile TLSO

  • MDPE, LDPE, or Co-Poly outer frame (1/8”, 5/32”, or 3/16” thickness)

  • Placement of windows or no windows utilized

  • Plastic rivets, metal rivets, or truss nuts to secure frame to liner laminate


  • Custom lordosis

  • Neutral or Corpulent anteriors

  • Low or high profile TLSO

  • Male, Female, or Adolescent