• Soft anterior corset slides over the posterior section at the lateral midline

  • Female corset are cupped for increased patient comfort

  • Reinforcing stays provide additional abdominal support

  • Posterior section wraps 2” to 3” inches past the lateral midline

  • Applies firm couterforces to restrict motion by the patient in all places

  • Total Velcro closure makes donning and doffing effortless

  • Elongated posterior straps come well past the lateral midline, are rigid, and hug the contours of the anterior section. They are extremely easy for the patient to find and match with the anterior straps

  • Can be fabricated custom to measurement, custom to cast, or as a stock size

Material Options

  • Plastic: LDPE, Co-poly, Polypro

  • Liner: Aliplast or unlined

  • Plastic Thickness: 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”


  • Inflatable lumbar pad

  • Ventilation

  • Male or Female

  • Plain or Zipper anterior